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The State College & University Professional Association (SCUPA)

The State College and University Professional Association (SCUPA)/PSEA/NEA, is the exclusive representative
of all the employees of the State System of Higher Education [employer] in the Unit:

A subdivision of the employer unit comprised of but not limited to all full-time and regular part-time professional employees classified as State University Administrators; Grant Funded Coordinators; and excluding nonprofessional employees, first level supervisors, supervisors, management level employees, confidential employees, and guards, as defined in the Act.

We are the professionals who are the Assistant and Associate Directors of Admissions, Financial Aid, Student Activities, Residence Life, Judicial, Registrars, Tutorial and Academic Assistance Services, Career Services, Alumni Relations and grant funded programs to name some of our State University Administrator positions.

2016 - 2018 SCUPA Officers

President: Sheleta Webb

Vice President: R. Chad Brown

Secretary: Brad Henry

Treasurer: Todd Spaulding

Membership Chair: John Gradel

News & Other info
Board of Governors Receives NCHEMS Report - Monday, July 17, 2017

The System-Wide Review has finally been completed, and more importantly, is now being shared. On July 12, NCHEMS shared an overview of their findings with the Board of Governors, and the meeting was live-streamed for public-viewing. 

The NCHEMS recommendations started with a "What Not to Do" section that hopefully helped set aside fears and open some ears. The "Nots" follow:

The system and the Office of the Chancellor should not be eliminated.
• No university should be closed.
• No universities should be merged.
• No university should be separated from the system.
• There should be no attempt to undermine the collective bargaining process. 

Also at the meeting, the Board voted on a 3.5% tuition increase for the 17-18 academic year. While no-one at the table wanted students to bear more financial burden than they were capable of, all members, including the Student Governors, wish for all PASSHE students to be able to continue to receive a high-quality education.

To review and share information about the NCHEMS process, and to download the report, follow this link:

To watch the meetings,  follow this link,


Budget Increase from the PA General Assembly - Monday, July 10, 2017

The budget is in, and public higher education did see victory. While there may always be wishes for more money in all departments throughout the state, PASSHE was the only higher education institution to receive additional funding. The increase was 2%, and translates to approximately $9 million. Additional funding increases will be discussed at the Board of Governors meeting on July 12/13, 2017, and potentially at individual university's Councils of Trustees meetings later this summer.

Lobby Day, Then What? - Friday, June 23, 2017

On June 20, several SCUPA members met with PSEA in Harrisburg to discuss current issues with higher ed, and then trek across the street to lobby for support of public education. Meetings were spread throughout the day, and some members were even able to join the Teamsters for their Anti-Right-to-Work rally where Governor Wolf showed addressed the crowd. 

What was the takeaway from this event? Access to government officials is there...we need to actively participate! Often people think someone else is telling the story that needs to be told, and no one does it. Make sure you are getting the important messages to your local officials, and make sure your students understand that they, too, are a part of "We the People". Don't just wait for Lobby Days, keep your representatives informed!

Member-At-Large Elections - Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Congratulations to the Members-At-Large for 2017-2019! Four members were selected after the ballots were counted, and we look forward to their upcoming terms. The successful candidates are: Julene Pinto-Dyczewski, Rita Miller, Mary Beth Kollar, and Kelly Ryan. The first council meeting with the new Members-At-Large will be September 9, 2017.

PACE Contribution Sweepstakes - Monday, May 29, 2017

If you are concerned about which candidates are invested in public education, PSEA's Political Action Committee for Education (PACE) is on the job for you and your interests. PSEA does not use any of its membership money to contribute to PACE, so individual members make all the difference. If you are a contributor, or if you are considering becoming one, you could reap extra benefits. PSEA has announced a PACE sweepstakes! For every $5 contribution you make to PACE (up to $50), you are entered into $5,000 drawing. Follow this link to donate and enter to win. Winner will be announced on June 16.

Retroactive Pay/Step dates - Thursday, February 2, 2017

1. The retroactive pay increase from October 2016 will be included in the February 8, 2017 pay. 

2.  The increase will pay out on the February 22, 2017 pay date.

New Agreement Is Signed! - Thursday, February 2, 2017

On January 26, 2017, the TA was signed by the BOG and SCUPA leadership in Harrisburg.
We are very excited to share this good news!

Representing SCUPA at House of Delegates - Friday, December 9, 2016

Representatives from across the state and our UniServe Representative made the trek to the December House of Delegates in Pittsburgh. Watch for news to come your way about what PSEA will be moving forward in 2017.


President's Corner

Good morning. My name is Sheleta Camarda-Webb and I am the president of the State College and University Professional Association.

Chairperson Shapiro, Governors, Chancellor Brogan, University Presidents, Colleagues and guests:

I appreciate the privilege to be here today representing and reminding everyone about the commitment the State College and University Professional Association members have to serve, advocate and support the students who attend our universities. In addition, we know that all of our colleagues across each campus in the State System hold a similar commitment to our students and to their success. SCUPA employees are committed to partnering with you and all of the stakeholders in the State System to continue to provide quality and affordable education for our students and communities. We are all too familiar with the daily challenges to attend and remain at our universities- because they share their stories with us.

Like many of us in the room yesterday, my SCUPA colleagues waited with anticipation and much trepidation to hear the results of the NCHEMS study. And, while they gave us a great deal of information to move into action, I grabbed on to these few distinct messages:

Making connection 
• Courage to act
• Do our part

Upon hearing these I thought, “wow- they must really get what my colleagues and I do on a daily basis. Because, my SUA colleagues in admissions and welcome centers begin to make connections before students commit to our campuses- going into high schools and college fairs talking and sharing about what our universities have to offer towards their path to success. My SUA colleagues in financial aid make the connection with students and families helping them determine how they can fund their education; these connections continue with the staff in orientation, residence life, student programs and leadership, and with the career services staff who give students the tools to organize and wrap up their academic and co-curricular experiences into resumes and portfolios to launch them into a career or on to a professional degree. We do our part daily by advising student organizations, mentoring student leaders and collaborating with our faculty colleagues in programs, events and activities to provide valuable life lessons and experiences outside of the classroom. In addition, we are no stranger to having the courage to act. We do it every day- in our centers with the staff that provide support and advocacy to students who have been sexually assaulted; our staff in our AOD programs who talk with students about the use and possible abuse of alcohol and other substances; our student success facilitators who assist students who are experiencing academic concerns and folks like myself who have the privilege of having difficult conversations with our students and the entire campus community about racial, sexual orientation, gender identity and all of the other social justice concerns that are on the forefront in our nation and world. And, at the risk of sounding bias, you will not meet a more dedicated, student-focused, student-oriented or student-centered staff and administration than my colleagues who serve in student affairs. They wrote the book on student centered. It is a 24 hour 7 day a week operation at the universities. They answer the call, whether its early morning call from a parent who has not be able to reach their son or daughter or the 3 am call- that none of us ever want to get- of a student in crisis, with thoughts of or who has attempted suicide. 

 The SCUPA staff are dedicated to our students and our universities. Many of us have committed much of our adult lives to serving the students of the State System. And, I say with certainty that is NOT about the articles in the CBA. As the state president, I will acknowledge the purpose of our contract and my executive team’s commitment to ensuring that each side do their part to hold to the agreement. However, the daily focus of my colleagues is serving our students- not the CBA. You do not dedicate 5, 10 or 25 years of your life committed to paper, but to people. We show up every day, and often much longer than the typical workday, to serve our students. We cooperate and collaborate, with the faculty, administration, facilities staff and administrative assistants every day. Therefore, on behalf of my colleagues, today, I am asking the Board of Governors, Chancellor and State System leaders and university presidents for the same commitment to us. SCUPA members must be part of the conversation in the decision that impact the State System and its universities because much of what we do is imperative to student success. Whether or not we get a seat at these discussions is NOT a CBA issue; it is just the right thing to do. We have always and will continue to advocate, support and serve our students- with boots on the ground. We also want to be in the trenches with all of you, making the decisions that will ensure that the State System and our universities survive and thrive for our students, now and in the future. We look forward to working with you.

Thank you for your time.

S.J. Camarda-Webb



are full dues-paying employees. Members have full voting rights and are eligible to hold elected office at the campus and/or state level. Members receive PSEA and NEA benefits and discounts, and access at to the secure section of the SCUPA website. Members are eligible to participate in your campus listserv.

Fair-Share Fee Payers (non-members)
receive representation from PSEA and a copy of the contract. They are not eligible to vote, nor hold office at any level. FS Participants do not receive PSEA nor NEA benefits and discounts, and are allowed only public access to the SCUPA website. FS Participants are NOT eilgible to participate in your campus listserv.

How to Become a SCUPA Member
Each Campus President (or your campus’s Membership Chairperson) meets with all newly-hired SUA employees to discuss what SCUPA/PSEA/NEA does and the importance and benefits of membership.  The Campus President or Membership Chair assists the new employee in completing their membership enrollment forms. 

 1) Complete a PSEA New Member Enrollment Form

 2) Complete the Dues Deduction Authorization Form


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