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The State College & University Professional Association (SCUPA)

The State College and University Professional Association (SCUPA)
 represents professionals who are the Assistant and Associate Directors
of Admissions, Financial Aid, Student Activities, Residence Life, Judicial, Registrars, 
Tutorial and Academic Assistance Services, Career Services, Alumni Relations, 
grant-funded programs, and others working in student development
across all 14 universities in the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education.

2022-2024 SCUPA Officers

President: Francis Cortez Funk - Kutztown University 
Vice President: Dr. Todd Spaulding - PennWest University - Clarion University
Secretary: Joe Miller - Slippery Rock University 
Treasurer: Dr. Bill Zimmerman - Indiana University Of PA
Membership Chair: John Gradel - Commonwealth University - Lock Haven

2023 - 2025 Members-At-Large

 Rita Miller (MU), Erin Fritz (IUP), Gretchen Osterman (Commonwealth - BU), Nicole Books (Commonwealth MU)

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Negotiations updates.

President's Corner

SCUPA Negotiation Update (10/7/2023)

Dear SCUPA’s

Your SCUPA Negotiation team has been meeting regularly and has met multiple times with PASSHE as we work to arrive at a successor Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) since our last update to you in September.  Meetings were held in September and we are scheduled to meet again October 26th. The meetings have been informative, and both sides have engaged the other in substantive and informative discussions with all items related to your feedback.

SCUPA, and APSCUF are currently in negotiations with PASSHE.  The current Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) between SCUPA and PASSHE ended on 6/30/23 and we are now in what is referred to as the status quo period.  All the contract terms and conditions and provisions, which were in place on June 30th, remain in place until we arrive at a successor agreement.  

PASSHE and the State have a budget, tuition has been set, and enrollment numbers will be coming in, soon we will have a clear economic picture. We expect that will pick-up the pace of negotiations.

We cannot give you a specified time for when this will conclude.  Your SCUPA team is not focused on bringing you a deal quickly but instead on bringing you the best deal possible, in whatever time it takes to achieve that end. 

One item of extreme importance is that AFSCME bargains directly with the Governor's Office as they include all state workers in AFSCME.  The State System does not have any control over what the PASSHE AFSCMEs receive in their contracts.  This is a huge difference between SCUPA and PASSHE.  SCUPA and most others have to negotiate with PASSHE.

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We want to thank you for your continued support.

Your SCUPA Negotiation Team,

Francis Cortez Funk, Todd Spaulding, Joe Miller, John Gradel, Bill Zimmerman, Rita Miller, Gretchen Osterman, Erin Fritz, Adam Webber (PSEA)


Constitution and By-Laws

SCUPA Constitution-BYLAWS.pdf


are full dues-paying employees. Members have full voting rights and are eligible to hold elected office at the campus and/or state level. Members receive PSEA and NEA benefits and discounts, and access to the secure section of the SCUPA website. Members are eligible to participate in your campus listserv.

receive representation from PSEA and a copy of the contract. They are not eligible to vote, nor hold office at any level. Non-members do not receive PSEA nor NEA benefits and discounts and are allowed only public access to the SCUPA website. Non-members are NOT eligible to participate in your campus listserv.

How to Become a SCUPA Member
Each Campus President (or your campus’s Membership Chairperson) meets with all newly-hired SUA employees to discuss what SCUPA/PSEA/NEA does and the importance and benefits of membership.  The Campus President or Membership Chair assists the new employee in completing their membership enrollment forms. 

 1) Contact John Gradel or your Campus President -

2)  Complete a PSEA New Member Enrollment Form

 3) Complete the Dues Deduction Authorization Form


Marc Kornfield Hall of Fame
On November 11, 2020, SCUPA State Leadership hosted the first Marc Kornfeld Hall of Fame induction ceremony.  The award is named in honor of Marc Kornfield who served as SCUPA's PSEA Univserv representative from 1983 to 2012.  Marc was integral to the development of the bargaining unit, having helped to establish the unit.  He was a mentor and friend to many in the SCUPA bargaining unit.  The inaugural class of the Marc Kornfield Hall of Fame included:

  • Frank DeStefano, Indiana University 
  • Rick Dulaney, California University
  • Max McGee, Lock Haven University 
  • Jim Watta, Indiana University
  • Larry Watts, Mansfield University
These individuals were nominated for their tireless work in supporting the SCUPA bargaining unit in leadership roles on their campuses and at the state level.

Congratulations to these outstanding individuals!
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